I’m Determined To Create A Millionaire Trader In Ashburn, My Only Question Is Will It Be You?

I Want to Work With Tim Sykes

The Greatest Risk is Not Taking Action

Now it's time to immerse yourself into my world of trading using my niche strategy; both on the long and short side. I'm banking during this market volatility; this is where I truly excel!

Know this…You don't have to be a trading professional to be selected. Truth is, I don't really care what your experience level is or how much you have in your trading account. I just need someone who is willing to be teachable and follow my directions line upon line.

Why Am I Doing This Now?

You've seen the news. High unemployment, recessions, downsizing, and foreclosures are a daily topic. Right now is the best time to invest in a trading education and I will prove it by helping you make big money in this market.

Because I get so many requests daily (over 2,500 emails per day...no joke), not everyone will qualify. I'm going to select a handful of lucky people who are serious, motivated, and ready to work. If you'd like a chance at being one of those people, just complete the application below and we'll contact you to set up an interview.

I Want to Work With Tim Sykes

Don't worry. If selected you won't be the first experimental guinea pig.
I decided to do a "beta" test and the results were what I wanted.

I Want to Work With Tim Sykes

Timothy Sykes Trading Challenge Application